Brand Assets
How to reference ContactPigeon's Brand Assets

Thanks for the interest in ContactPigeon. In this page, you can download all the material related to the brand of ContactPigeon.

Also, you will find few guidelines about the use of our brand assets. If you just want to download all the files click in the link below:

Download All Assets


Provide lots of space around the ContactPigeon logo. You can edit the dimension but always give it some space from other visual elements in order to breathe and don't look cluttered.

When you write the name of the company just remember that it's one word:

Correct! ContactPigeon
Wrong ⛔ Contact Pigeon
Wrong ⛔ contactpigeon

Horizontal Blue Logo

Download Vector File or .PNG

Vertical Blue Logo

Download Vector File or .PNG

Horizontal White Logo

Download Vector File or .PNG

Vertical White Logo

Download Vector File or .PNG

Fonts and Colors

The typical color of our brand is #3fb5e6 and the font we use is Roboto

Terms of Use

All the files provided are a proprietary material of ContactPigeon. We kindly remind you to pay attention to the following guidelines when using them:

-You should not alter or combine these logos with other graphics without ContactPigeon written permission.
-Also, don't use ContactPigeon's logo for endorsing products or services without our consent.


You may send us email at:

Updated 12th of January, 2018